Northumberland Estates Renewables

Northumberland Estates’ renewable projects are a demonstration of our commitment to a low-carbon economy. We aim to produce solar energy, hydrogen and battery energy storage systems that will assist the UK’s transition towards clean, domestically produced, renewable energy. 

Our approach places sustainability centrally within our business objectives, in addition to our social and economic responsibilities to the wider community. We do this by optimising the sustainability potential in new developments through innovative design that minimises environmental impacts and provides long-term benefits for the local community.

By continuing to invest in the North East renewable sector we assist in delivering net-zero through schemes that maximise the import and export of energy and produce a reliable, cost-effective supply as well as support job creation and skills development in the region.



Solar farms harvest sunlight to create energy and provide a source of safe, locally produced renewable energy. Solar is one of the most non-intrusive energy technologies to deliver emitting no noise or pollution with minimal impact on land and wildlife.

Impact on the environment is considered at all stages in the development and enhancement features that protect and restore ecosystems are embedded in each solar project. 


Rooftop Solar

As part of the Northumberland Estates’ drive to reduce energy consumption and invest in sustainable resources, we assess the potential for rooftop solar across all our commercial properties.

By adding solar panels to the rooftop we can provide clean, renewable energy to the property’s tenants at a lower rate than traditional utility providers, as well as deliver low-carbon technologies that benefit both the environment and the occupier.



Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery energy storage projects are vital to the UK’s green energy transition and form part of the essential infrastructure needed for replacing fossil fuels with renewable sources of energy and plays a providing power thousands of homes and businesses with renewable energy. Battery Energy Storage Systems offer a safe and effective way of storing green energy, ensuring a stable supply during peak usage or operating critical systems during a grid outage as well as supporting the UK’s drive towards a renewable-powered future. 



The UK has set a target to deliver 5GW of hydrogen production capacity by 2030. As we undertake to build a clean, cost effective and safe energy system, Northumberland Estates is exploring opportunities to generate green hydrogen directly from solar to provide power and heat in rural areas. 

Hydrogen produced from solar sources is a highly efficient, reliable fuel source with zero carbon emissions.