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Proposed by pass for historic village

9th Jan 2020

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Exciting new plans being put forward by Northumberland Estates would seek to create a much needed by pass for the historic village of Denwick. 

Denwick possesses a number of Grade II Listed buildings such as the estate cottages and other historic features including the war memorial, stone pants and a unique chapel as well as community assets such as the village hall. The main aim of this proposal is to not only preserve the fabric of the village itself, but also deal with the increasing volume of traffic now passing through it on a daily basis.  

Located as it is beside a major junction with the A1, Denwick has found itself on one of the main tourist routes to popular coastal destinations such as Howick, Craster and Newton by the Sea. It also lies in close proximity to the working quarries of Longhoughton and Howick, resulting in over 100 HGV vehicles using the small and winding road through the village on a daily basis. The proposed bypass would provide a quicker and more importantly, a safer route for this traffic travelling both to and from the A1.

Says Development Planner for the Estate Guy Munden, “We also see the proposal as providing a unique opportunity to create additional housing in this rural village which otherwise has limited options for development being constrained as it is by its location. We are therefore looking to include a small extension of seven new houses. Much work has gone into designing these to complement the existing housing and to fit with the village’s historic fabric. Construction would be based upon the architectural detail of Denwick and using local materials.

The proposed new route will start at the Denwick exit from the A1, passing to the north of the village and rejoin the B1340 before the road going to Ratcheugh and Lesbury. This route has been carefully selected so as not to impact on existing properties in Denwick.