25th Mar 2024

Northumberland Estates, in collaboration with Reheat, an Alnwick-based consultancy, and SSE Energy Solutions, is exploring the possibility of establishing a clean, eco-friendly energy network to supply local businesses and public spaces in Alnwick.

The study will explore low carbon heating for a large portion of Alnwick, which includes commercial consumers, public buildings, and new homes. The first area being considered includes Linnet Court, Lionheart Enterprise Park, Willowburn Retail Park and Willowburn Trading Estate on the southern edge of Alnwick. This area is typically made up of commercial, industrial and public-owned properties. The second area includes Alnwick Castle, The Alnwick Garden and Alnwick Infirmary. 

Heat networks form an important part of the government’s plan to reduce carbon and Northumberland County Council's energy masterplan. A heat network establishes a common heat source/s and heat is distributed via insulated pipework to buildings on the network to provide their heat and hot water, instead of each building having its own individual heat source such as a gas boiler.

Mark Roberts, Northumberland Estates Renewables Manager said: “Heat networks, common in countries such as Denmark, have been identified by the UK Government as a crucial part of how the UK will reach net zero, and is one of the most cost-effective ways of decarbonising heating in built-up areas. We are hopeful that we can establish a heat network in Alnwick that would allow businesses and public sector buildings to move away from fossil fuels and towards low carbon sources of heat, cutting their costs and reducing carbon emissions.”

Local businesses and residents will be contacted as part of the feasibility study, but there will be no practical disruption. Upon completion of the study, Northumberland Estates, in partnership with Town and County Councils, will consider the next steps and communicate any intention of taking further action to local residents and businesses.

The report will establish whether the scheme can proceed and provide important data on the technical, social and commercial opportunities that await.

Heat networks will form part of the public consultation on the Alnwick and Denwick Neighbourhood Plan. Further information is available at