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Northumberland Estates hosts charity event for Curlew Action

22nd Apr 2024

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David Gray, platinum-selling singer and songwriter, and Mary Colwell, award-winning author, producer, and nature activist, performed at a charity event hosted by the Duke of Northumberland on Sunday.

The musician is a lifelong naturalist and ambassador for Curlew Action, a charity set up to reverse Eurasian Curlews' catastrophic decline. The evening was a mix of discussion and music between David Gray and Mary Colwell, founder of Curlew Action.

Since the 1980s, the curlew's population has fallen by over 60% across the country.  Northumberland Estates has a well-established nesting curlew population and is committed to improving habitats and preserving wildlife to benefit golden eagles, red squirrels, yellowhammers, sparrows, blackbirds, brown hares and grey partridges.

The Estate welcomed the opportunity to host the event at Alnwick Playhouse, which raised funds for the charity and boosted support for this beautiful wading bird.