Investing in Lesbury and Alnmouth

29th Nov 2018

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The communities of Lesbury and Hipsburn near Alnwick could see two new exciting developments and significant investment under proposals being put forwards by Northumberland Estates. 

The first would seek to address the long-standing issues faced by residents and rail users at Alnmouth Railway Station caused by a lack of parking facilities. The Station is seen as a key asset for North Northumberland and the proposed development seeks to help secure its long-term future and as the gateway to the area.

New proposals suggest creating a new junction at Curly Lane to improve access, alongside additional parking facilities to accommodate another 80 vehicles. In addition, a new bus services would utilise this car parking area, providing a drop-off and collect service to the station.  Alongside up to 60 new homes would be built of which 20 per cent would be affordable. New pedestrian access would link this new housing directly to Alnmouth Station.

The second proposed development to the north of Lesbury would be smaller, around 40 new homes of which 20 percent would be affordable housing. The development would include two, three and four bedroom houses as well as bungalows, with the aim of offering a range of new housing suitable for families, young couples and the elderly, in addition to affordable housing to assist local people in getting onto the property ladder. The development would also include a community area whose use has yet to be decided. Suggestions include open green space, play facilities or a community orchard. This would be connected to the village centre through a new network of new footpaths with attention paid to retaining existing landscaping features and introducing additional tree planting.

These development proposals are being prepared alongside the publication of the Lesbury Parish Neighbourhood Plan and follow discussions with both Lesbury Parish Council and the County Council. While the Neighbourhood Plan does not include these two sites for development, Northumberland Estates is promoting them as important for the long-term future and benefit of the Parish of Lesbury and for North Northumberland in general, given the importance of Alnmouth railway station to the area.

 “One of the major issues facing North Northumberland is that of an ageing population, closure of local services and schools, and the lack of affordable housing, particularly for younger people,” says Guy Munden from the planning department at Northumberland Estates. “We are seeing this in many rural communities and it is an issue which needs addressing as without new investment and development, the situation can only get worse.

“Communities such as Lesbury, Hipsburn and Alnmouth are particularly vulnerable as the existing housing stock is attractive to the second home owner and we know this to be increasing in the area, further eroding the sense of local community.

“The project would require significant investment by Northumberland Estates, which it hopes will bring much long term benefit for the local economy and for the area through improved transport links and a diversity of new housing provision.

 “We hope to submit an outline planning application for each site shortly, but in the meantime would welcome further constructive feedback from residents via our consultation website at http://www.investinginlesburyparish.co.uk/ 

“By working closely with those living in the area throughout the planning process, we aim to deliver a high quality development which will enhance the area as well as contributing to the sustainability of services and amenities for the long term.”

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