Flying the Flag for the NHS

22nd Apr 2020

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Flying the flag for the NHS

The Duke and Duchess of Northumberland joined with the Nation in thanking NHS staff and other key workers,   For the foreseeable future the NHS flag will be seen flying over Alnwick Castle and at Syon House in London.

The Duke of Northumberland said: “Over the last few weeks we have seen the horrors caused by this terrible pandemic. Many have lost loved ones in tragic circumstances and we have all been touched and affected by the effects of this virus on our family, friends and way of life. But while many of us are now shielded from the disease, in lock-down, there are others on the front line who constantly risk their lives to save and help others. Alnwick Castle is a symbol of resilience that has stood for over 900 years, witnessing wars, famine and disease. Now it flies a special flag to pay tribute to all those heroic doctors, nurses, carers and ancillary staff, on that front line, who are helping us to get through these extremely challenging and unprecedented times. We salute you all for your humanity, bravery and dedication.”


Northumberland Estates is constantly looking at ways to continue to support the NHS, key workers and  the local community during this time.