Northumberland Estates operates a diverse portfolio including residential and commercial property, farming and forestry and renewable energy. Creating sustainable communities is our long-term goal, and the estate, through a targeted programme of work, strives to generate employment, improve the local economy, and protect the environment.

Enhancing Communities

With a focused investment and development programme, the estate delivers lasting economic, social, and educational benefits to local communities. Commercial and residential property schemes are designed sensitively for each location and take affordability, sustainability, and environmental factors into account.  

The ongoing restoration of unique heritage assets such as Alnwick Castle in Northumberland and Syon House in London forms part of the estate’s approach to preserving the historic environment for future generations. We continue to explore opportunities for further integration of these locations into the public sphere.

Improving the Environment

Protecting and restoring the natural environment is a key consideration. Biodiversity and land management strategies support farming practices that promote food production while restoring nature, rebuilding ecological systems and ensuring a sustainable future for the countryside. Forestry and woodland are managed sustainably and upland carbon sequestration and regeneration projects are ongoing.

The estate has ambitious carbon reduction goals and plans to expand its renewable energy portfolio through solar and battery storage projects. We are also making use of low-carbon alternatives for construction and using energy-saving technologies.

Delivering Sustainable Long-Term Value

We have a clear strategy that takes advantage of our strengths in active land management and sustainable development to drive value to our customers and communities through targeted growth, innovation, and a commitment to high standards.